Health and Fitness Gym in Monticello, IN 
We Offer 24 Hour Gym Access Memberships to a Complete Fitness Center

Day & Knight Fitness 

Day & Knight Fitness
210 N. Main St.
Monticello, IN 47960

Day & Knight Fitness is a 24/7 health and fitness club in Monticello, Indiana that offers complete workout equipment and amenities.  At Day & Knight Fitness, we are fully equipped with cardio, weight and fitness machines to help you to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We offer full locker rooms with showers, and we supply towels and all toiletries.

Bob and Heidi are available most days to answer any questions you may have about any fitness equipment in the gym.

There are also Certified Personal Trainers available that will work with you at your convenience.

Located on Main Street in Monticello, IN

Day & Knight Fitness Center Offers:

  • 24/7 key card access 
  • 6 month membership with no hidden fees
  • Full locker rooms with showers
  • Child play areas on both floors
  • Ladies Only area with Indoor walking track
  • Rates starting as low as $25 per month
210 N. Main St Monticello, IN 47960

FEES at Day & Knight Fitness can be set up to be paid monthly on a credit or debit card.  There are no registration fees or any hidden fees. 

Membership fees range from $25 - $60 per month.

We are approved for Silver Sneakers, Prime and many other insurance programs and also have several discounts available through local businesses.

Day Passes & Week Passes are available.

SIGN UP times are between 9-5 daily except Sunday, as well as Wednesday until 7 pm. 

Or you can set up an appointment by calling us at (574)-583-2222.

Summer Special (3 months membership) is $105

Day & Knight Fitness | 210 N. Main Street, Monticello, IN 47960 | 574.583.2222 |
Fully Equipped Gym with Cardio, WeighFitness Machines; full locker rooms, child play areas &  Ladies Only area with indoor walking track